Have Fun

I woke up with my bell ringing. It was telling me to wake up and go to school even it is Sunday, the day to sleep until noon. But today is different than just a regular Sunday. Today we have a spring festival which our schools Season Club organizes at our school and I am one of the organizers. It is going to be a stressful day because we are getting ready for today for a month. Actually we didn’t spend our whole month but we started to plan it a month ago and we planned every step slow but perfect. Because perfection is the most important thing for our club. Now I am ready to go to school. I wore our clubs special t-shirt that has many colors which changes to every persons work. For example I have the black one which is for the organizers.

Finally we arrived to school. Actually my house is not that far from school but we came with my friend and my mother had to pick them up from their house. Now I have to forget about them all and do the last touches before everyone arrive. After all the parents will come too and it will be a chaos so we should get ready for it well.

So I started from the beginning to check. Firstly there is a poster at the entrance that “welcome to the Unique Flowers Festival” writes on it and there is a person standing underneath it to put a tick near the names who enters. Just behind the person there is a signboard that writes “Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.” on it. When you pass the door a table full of drinks welcomes you. Near that table there is table that has papers on it which the activities that will take place in the Unique Flowers Festival writes. In the paper it writes:


2-Drinks and food from cuisine from all over the world about spring

3-Lots of crowns made from flowers that are unique for spring

4-Flower that are unique to countries

and while I was doing the last checks the guests started to come with their flower concept clothes on them that makes them look romantic, have fun…

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