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Having Good Siblings

Having a family life is something  associated with luck these days. In my opinion, this is what the parents of this generation should be ashamed of because without a father, without a mother is to lose the exemplary image in our lives. Our parents have been our heroes since the day we were born. Some people deny it for understandable reasons, but no one can act like a stranger to their creator, even if they have hated them for years. Parenting issues aside, I think having siblings affects our lives more than parents.

Brothers, sisters, I are our lifelong friends  under the common roof of our parents. Being a friend and being a parent aren’t the same thing, but which sibling can  fulfill both roles well? When you ask the kids “What’s the definition of ‘big brother'” ” They always answer with extremely disgusted faces and walk away “A friend always beat me with a bar of chocolate  I bought him ta. myself “at least these are my answers. received from  my brothers and sisters.

I have two siblings, one is younger and the other is older than me and to be honest if I understood, I don’t think I would have answered this kind of question when I was younger, especially in the days when I was growing up. fight for something. invalid. now everyone remembers  in college classes. their research. However, arguing over things that have no time value also has its benefits. Anyone who has ever covered this up knows this, so when a fight starts in the real world, at school, at work, people arguing with their teenage siblings will fight.

As if they were in court! So a person who can defend himself in any situation  is one step ahead of their peers. Another topic I’d like to talk about is how it affects their college life. Especially the younger brother here has an advantage. Because when your brother makes a mistake at work, you know what it was before you make it and that saves  time. I’ve always talked about how sibling fights affect  life. But in a way, siblings are really your friends in the family, so they can  give you encouragement and advice that you couldn’t get from your parents or friends. me. Having a sibling can change your entire life dynamic. But by overcoming difficulties that you can never do, you can leave the best taste in your mouth

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