Having Siblings

Does having a sibling affect your academic life in any good or bad ways? Today we are going to talk about that topic. As a person who is living with 2 brothers I think I have a couple of things to say about this topic. My brothers don’t really effect me that much because I go to my room and shot my door to prevent anybody to bother me. The only negative effect of siblings is financial issues. As you all know qualified schools are all expensive nowadays. You have to be very rich to go to a private school unless you have got a scholarship and my brothers are not the hardworking type so it is a little hard for my parents to send them to a private school.

siblings ile ilgili görsel sonucu

I think having siblings has more positive effects than negative effects. If you are the eldest one, you should keep in mind that your siblings are looking up to you so you should keep your grades high and shouldn’t let go of your responsibilities. If you have a successful academic career, your siblings will look up to you and try to be like you. In other words, you will be their muse (angel of inspiration). If you are not the eldest, you can still be motivated.If your elder brother or sister have successful academic careers, you can look up to them and study harder to be like them. If they are not studying and not successful, then you should know that you shouldn’t be like them thus you may be successful unlike them.

I think having siblings have more pros than cons.

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