Young Caucasian couple on the date on the roof at night

He Left

It was a cold Sunday night when I was just about to start a new book that my friend recommended. It was about a girl that was falling in love with a boy she shouldn’t. No matter how hard she was trying, she couldn’t resist herself and got hurt in the end. I was going through the same thing s that’s why my friend recommended it to me.

I had just moved to a new building by myself so I was feeling kinda lonely. I went to the roof to watch the city view without knowing it is prohibited. There was also a boy who was sitting in the chair. He seemed angry as he was kicking the chair. I wanted to know what was wrong and help him but I was scared so I just sat down quietly. Then he noticed me and came closer. That’s when I noticed his perfect nose and blue eyes staring at me. Not even counting the dimples… He just looked at me without saying anything then took a picture of me. I didn’t even ask why because I knew he would come back.

He didn’t. I went to the roof each day at the same time I saw him but he never did. That night was the first and last night I saw him. I didn’t believe in love at first sight but this boy was just different. I felt something the second I saw him. Why did he take my picture if he didn’t want to do anything with me? Was one picture enough for a lifetime?

I had many questions but there was no one to answer them. Eventually, after some time I stopped thinking about him. It was like that night never happened but inside me, I knew it did. It was just faded in my mind. I was thinking there was no problem and I was okay. Then one day I saw him. Yes, I also didn’t believe myself. It was like I was hallucinating but there he was standing in front of my door looking at my nightgown. He apologized for just disappearing without a word but I had no time for him. When he was away I understood life is too short to worry about boys. I don’t need them since they make me sad more than they make me happy but we could have been the perfect couple if he had never left. But he did anyway so he lost his chance. Sometimes it is the one who loves you who hurts you the most.


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