He was there, the whole time.

Death Asks Us to Live Authentically - Garrison Institute

And before going out of the house, I saw a shadow sitting at the chair looking exactly like me…

It was a normal morning for me except for the weird feeling I got when I had a chill down my spine. It felt like everything was going to go downhill. I got out of bed.

I started to change into my daily clothes from the pajamas I wore. Suddenly I felt the same weird chill down my spine again. But this time it was completely a different feeling from before. Somebody was watching me. I was sure of it. I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find anything. Something wasn’t right today but since I had somewhere to go to, I couldn’t take much time so I tried to rush downstairs. On my way down the stairs, I almost fell down because of a nail sticking out of the ground. This was very unlikely, too. My house wasn’t very old or new so there wasn’t a reason for a random nail to be sticking out of the ground. When I got downstairs, I called my father to ask if he could come to my house and fix the nail and started to prepare breakfast for myself.

There was a very disturbing case on the television that morning. A report of a serial killer in my town. This “man” was a serial killer that killed people in a strange way. He first got into his victims’ house quietly then watched them for a while, did things that would disturb them, and then killed them. According to the police when they were taking his statement, this man told how he killed his victims in a very cool and happy way. The most worrying thing was, as the news reporter said, this serial killer said “you will never catch me” at the end of his statement, and the next day when the guards went to check his prison cell, he wasn’t there. He suddenly vanished.


I was frozen when I heard the back door of the house opening. When I took a peek out to the hall to see what was going on, my heart skipped a beat. It was him. He was in my house. The whole time. Now I understood what was going on. He was playing with me. Maybe it wasn’t a good decision but I started to run to the front door of the house. Then, I started to get dizzy. I suddenly felt like I wanted to sleep. I sat at the nearest chair. When I woke up like nothing happened, I tried to reach for the door and before going out of the house, I saw a shadow sitting at the chair looking exactly like me. As he looked directly at my eyes with a cold smile he said “goodbye princess”. And I understood what happened. The shadow I saw was my body laying there lifeless.

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