Healthy Life: Publicity or Need?

Do you think you are successful at leading a healthy life or are you one of those who just like to live the way they want to? Most people try to live a healthy life by exercising or going on a diet but let’s be honest it only lasts for a couple of days or a maximum couple of months for the majority. But are these people pushed harder than they should have been to live a healthy life?


It is a fact that people are always told to live healthily and exercise by their relatives, doctors, and friends. But do people think about why they are being told to do so? I don’t really think they do. Diet can be given as an example of this. We are told to eat healthy all the time but some people seem to have a problem understanding that. Eating healthy is not eating less, it’s eating balanced. And because people see it as they are being told not to eat at all, they think that they are being restricted and suggest that there is too much pressure on younger generations to lead a healthier life. But in fact, this advice is not given to disturb them and the main reason behind it is that extra nutrients that are taken or unbalanced diet can hugely affect their health and even lead to illnesses. Thus advice given is not in a form that will restrict them but they are in a way that will explain to them what to do for a healthier life.

Everyone is responsible for their health and they have the right to choose what they want to do with it. But if we listen to the advice we are given and if we can understand that they are logical and are actually what we need to be doing, we can in fact change our life drastically. Even if some people think that exercising is just publicity and society is pushing them to exercise just to look fit like others, this is not the complete truth and deep down they know that it’s the truth that they don’t want to accept.

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