Some people don’t deserve to be loved. They always use people for their interests. We need to save ourselves like a turbot to them. They can break our hearts easily.  In these days lots of people become like this. I feel terrified to be upset because of them. It is not simple to cope with them. Some people said malicious people can have good feelings or good experiences in their depths. But I don’t agree with the people who said this. If someone continues to do something bad, it means he/she can never be sorry for these worse things. They can’t have any great things (feelings, experiences, attitude). If they keep going like this, our world becomes dark. I don’t want to think of our future. In my opinion our future can be like a incubus. They don’t need to be fantastic but they must have a good heart. A bad heart makes even the cutest ones worse than ugly. First consider the thing that you want to say/do, then do/say it. Forwhy the thing that you want to say/do can be not a thing that you can imagine. It can break someone’s heart. Be careful about it. Nobody deserves to pain. The being called human is a living thing, and like every living things, they have feelings. Therefore we can’t make someone unhappy. Life is too short to be happy. If we resist, it can change.

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