Hearts Can Get Dirty

          The world is divided into two with a question: Is man by nature good or evil? There are two points of view as an answer which are the thoughts of Rousseau and Hobbes. The ones that being side of the thought of human-being is evil by the nature are probably just considering the negative sides of the people like envy, ruthlessness, selfishness… But do you really think that is all?

            All of us have a bad and a good side of us of course. As the word “humanity” proofs we all came to this world with a limpid heart but those hearts can get cloudy easily by the surroundings. Maybe not in the first second after we born but even within a couple of years we start to get affected by the things we see or hear. For sure it starts with the family. Their behaviors, thoughts, words reflects and affects our characters as well.

           After a few years later the technology comes out. From the little ages children start to watch television, play games without a control and finally they become what they see from there. Watching the third-class TV programs or the videos that have nonsensical content and playing the games that includes violent will lead them to become “devilish” unfortunately, and then we are going to consider it as it’s by our nature. Let’s skip to a few more years later again: school years. Most probably school is the place where all of the people’s characters get a shape. The toxic relationships or the behaviors of teachers and kids also will affect the children as well.

            Despite of these don’t we still maintain and show our humanity. We still care about and show mercy to animals, try to fix what we have done to the environment or do some charity for the people we don’t even know. So in the end we are still humans, we born with this hearts and even though they got dirty they’re still the same little hearts.

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