Heavy Fines

People can commit crimes for a variety of reasons. As a result, there is a punishment system that varies according to the crime, although the number of wrong decisions is increasing day by day. Unsurprisingly, crime rates are increasing in the world. But is it because the laws are not enough of a deterrent, or is it because people know something else? The number of people in prison has increased 100 percent in the last 10 years . If we examine this data more closely; If we examine it economically, if the country is faced with losses, the tendency to make easy money in the country increases. When we look at the data, although it is not overlooked that the death penalty, which is the last level of punishment, reduces crime rates, this does not mean that this crime will never be committed or will decrease, and some even risk death.

It is important that the punishments are spot-on, so we need to look at how much they reduce the rate of committing that crime. If there is no plan or move behind people’s committing this crime, it would not be wrong to say that this crime was done out of necessity (for someone with sane mind) and if they get another opportunity. will not miss this opportunity. In fact, it is not a very accurate shot that strict laws will solve this problem, because educating a person is a method where you can get more efficiency than punishing them.

Of course, there will be many people who are unfairly stuck with these strict laws, wouldn’t we be righting these people now? Long story short, if someone has really set his mind to commit that crime, especially if we are talking about a person who is willing to watch a crime, it will not be easy to scare him, so the only way to get him off this path is education, the severity of the punishment is not the determining factor.If we want good things from a person, we have to give him ‘good’ things, this is the case. Strict laws do not change people, the name of the thing that changes people is ‘education’ humanity education.

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