Helping Others

I think having enough money is one of the most important things for you to live.Its because everything in the world is bought with money except for the things like love and happiness(basically the emotions).But money also can do more things . Like helping you to achieve your dream life or your dream job. Have you ever wondered what would be like to live your fantazy life?Since everyone is different, we also most probably have different dreams or life plans.Sadly,some of dreams needs money to be achieved..When I wondered what is my dream job, I realized that I also have to have money to achieve it.Okay, but what would i do if i had the enough money?

İf i had the enough money, i would built a animal shelter and help animals whose are seeking help or whose are abandoned.Animals are one of the most pure creatures in the world.They have emotions and they need love or a sweet home like us.Sadly, so many people are not aware of this important situation.And when i have enough money, i would like to change their mindset, make them understand animals and also i would help street animals myself by giving them food or making their homes.Or maybe i would care about their health issues.I would use this money to built up the animal shelter.And then, i would create a  IBAN account for citivens to donate some money.I would present so many presentations, have many meetings to introduce my shelter or even maybe i would do some advertisement.And when people finally know us, i can take care of so many animals about their not only physical health but also mental health issues.Or even i would give them homes.

I really hope that someday I can do this.Please be aware of what is happening about street animals.And know that even a single water cup can help them..

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