Her Life

We all want to pursue success and beauty at the same time. We want to be number one in everyone’s eyes. We envy people who are like this, we want to live their lives even for one day. For example, if I were to live someone’s life one day, I would like to live the life of Maddie Ziegler. I would like to live her life because she is really perfect and successful.

Maddie Ziegler started her way to become famous by participating in dance mom in 2011. Before the dance mom program, she participated in competitions and usually won first place. I’ve never gone this far in any field, why shouldn’t I be first for a day?. Also, she was always considered the best by her dance coach on dance mom. So think about it, you are always the best in a program for dance, who doesn’t want that? This success of Maddie was noticed by the famous singer Sia, and Maddie played in 2 clips.So Maddie has now become known and loved by everyone. It would be both flattering and very wonderful to be known for the sport you have been working on since you were a child. Of course, that’s not the only thing Maddie does. She appears in a single episode in some television shows released at Disney, plays in 2 films and does voice acting in several films. Even if she stops dancing now, she has a makeup palette collection with a brand.

She has always been number one at work since she was a child. Everyone sees her success, not only her family, maybe everyone envies her.She played in films, did voice-overs, managed to do something not only in dancing, but also in all directions. Even though she is not famous now, she is still doing something. So I’d like to be her for a day.

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