Heritage of our Ancestors

Most nations around the world have at least some, or possibly many, old buildings such as temples, churches and houses in their cities, villages and surrounding areas which have historical significance. Demolishing these buildings when they get old is not a solution. Preserving may be a way to save historical wealth.

”A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” Marcus Garvey says. Old buildings show culture and complexity of a city. A city needs old buildings to maintain a sense of permanency and heritage. Besides we cannot renovate or save a building once it is gone. Destroying an old building means destroying a part of history, it is lost forever. 

Since thousands people from outside and inside of the country daily visits these buildings, historical places are tourist nest at the same time. The attention that architecture takes depends on it’s history. If it has a deep past it looks more striking. So it is an huge contribution to economy.

Ancient architectures have the same purpose with monuments: Not forgetting. Deaths per conflicts showed a dramatic reduction in past. My personal view is that it is always good to remember your ancestors and what they have done for us. It makes us remember value of life. So why should we destroy them if it is going to cause people to forget their past?

The only sensible way to get these buildings better is preserving. A group of people who care about preserving your community’s recent past places may come together and arrange a trip to historical places. Tours are a tried-and-true method for building a community’s appreciation for its historic resources and significant architecture.

Workshops and seminars can also work to raise awareness to wealth of history. Destroying your own history is not even a last solution. We, as humans, should work to save our own past; not for destroying them.

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