Atatürk’s arrival in Ankara is one of the most important events of our War of Independence. Atatürk’s arrival was a milestone in Turkish people’s struggle in the country’s War of independence, which started on May 19, 1919. The war led to a great victory on September 9, 1922 and was crowned with the proclamation of the republic on October 29, 1923.

27 December ,1919 he was welcomed in Ankara with great enthusiasm. I saw Atatürk, he was there. He greets the people in deep blues. I was really impressed. He was very particular about his appearance and was smartly dressed all the times. I personally admired him. He was a model, courages and determined person with his great achievements. 

People dream, but very few of them make dreams come true. I was lucky that I made my dream come true and had the chance to see him.

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