Hi, My Unknown Sibling!

It was Friday night. I was on my way home. A crack sound came. Did someting fall from my pocket? No. It was my phone. My phone fell and it got cracked. It wasn’t such a big deal TILLLL, I saw a paper that fell from my pocket, “68 Dakota St. San Francisco, California(CA), 94107” , hi Ida! I’m your sibling, the one you’ve never heard of. She’s living in America at the moment. There’s a very important topic that I have to talk to you about. You have to be here on latest November, Friday the 13th!”. I was actually terrified. FRIDAY THE 13th? What? Are you kidding me? I had to come down. I checked for tickets for San Francisco, America for November. Oh my god what a luck! There are tickets only for Friday the 13th and 20th of November, which I have to be there latest on the 13th of Friday. I had to do this. I had no other chance. Superstitious who? Ida? No she’s not. Absolutely. Come on! It’s just a made up number. Don’t believe it. I booked a ticked for November, Friday the 13th and I was ready to leave my dear city. I was at the airport and I heard an announcement saying that my plane got delayed. I had to believe that this was a coincidence. I had no other chance! If I didn’t make myself believe that superstitions were silly, I would’ve left that airport right away! So, time had passed and it was time for us to get on the airplane. It was a rainy and cloudy day, see, luck AGAIN! The staff told us that we had to put our seatbelts on and told us that our journey would take about “13” hours. I had to keep calm. IT’S JUST A COINCIDENCE! NOTHING ELSE. Okay, to be honest, this time I was REALLY terrified. I couldn’t take it anymore! I asked the staff if I could get off the plane, of course she said NO. Was I surprised? No. My luck again! My heart was pumping like a “Bee Hummingbird” , as known as the bird which flaps her/his wings the fastest. I put my eye patch on and satisfied myself to sleep. After a while, someone awakened me, oh it was the staff. She told me to wake up because we had already arrived to San Francisco! I was actually happy for not being in any “Friday the 13th” drama. Could you imagine going on a flight, on 13th of Friday, through the “BERMUDA TRIANGLE?!! That would be such a heart attack! After I had arrived, I went to my “unknown sibling”. She told me that she was my biological sister. I was shocked! How could’ve this happened? It was absolutely incredible. She gave me a black cat as a present. I left her house immediately. Adios!

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