Hide and seek

(from the radio you can hear this hoarse voice and you decide to listen to it)


– Hello? i hope this works. hello? i don’t think i have much time.

For context, I am a babysitter and work with big families. But there was a particular family that I worked with frequently. The Albrechts.

Oh, and i can smell lies

The mistress of the family notified that ill be babysitting their daughters since they’ll be going on a business trip. It was very sudden. But I reminded myself that I’ll be spending a week with their sweet daughters and that made me happy. Since they’ve been hiring a sweet old lady who helps around the house, and they have all the supplies, all I had to bring was my clothes and appliances.

Two days later and I’m at their house. I rang the doorbell as I left my suitcase at the venue, the sweet old lady welcomed me in, with a soft smile on her face. I was walking with her through the mansion, when I had that weird feeling in my stomach telling me to run away.

The Albrechts are one of the kindest people you can ever meet. They immediately got up and started telling me how they have appreciated me, as I responded on such short notice. They went over the rules telling me not to go to the basement and thanked me again. I knew how hard they worked so I told them,

“Even though it’s a business trip you should really relax, were all humans right?” and laughed.

That was a mistake.

I don’t know where I got the ability to smell lies from but if you think this is a good thing, you should really think again. Even if the teller of the sentence doesn’t know the sentence is not true, I can smell it. I almost vomited at the foul smell of that lie brought. I tried to hide it, I realized if I showed any sign that I knew their little secret my end would be soon. I completely stood there frozen until they left and rushed to my room making up the excuse of not feeling good. But I couldn’t stay there long as I had to put the daughters to sleep. I relaxed at the thought of maybe talking to them would make me feel better?

I went to their room and played with them a little before bed. I tucked their blankets and gave them a good night’s kiss. I heard them say

“Don’t worry there aren’t any monsters in the closet. Daddy keeps them all locked up in the basement.”

They didn’t see that I was trembling. I didn’t smell anything. I wanted to run away so bad but i couldn’t leave them all alone. Maybe it was a stupid move but I went to the basement door. Then i realized what have i done. Just as was about to leave i felt a hand on my shoulder. It whispered,

“I only want to play a little It’s already too late for you to try to run away anyway”

That is the story of how i got here. That is the last thing i remember. İ don’t know where i am.

İf this reaches you please send hel-

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