High Vibration

Do you ever wonder why you or other people around you listen to the music they do? Well, the answer is quite simple. To put it plainly it most likely correlates with the situation you are going through. 

Everything is energy and everything in this universe is connected to each other. We as human beings are all energetic beings so we resonate at a certain frequency. There is a certain type of energy you radiate mostly based on your emotional state. There are emotions that put you in a state of low vibration as well as some that put you in a state of high vibration. Fear is the lowest, and enlightenment is the highest frequency. Everything we see, consume, acknowledge, think about is what determines our energy. Which is linked to our emotions. The reason why emotions are a key factor is that emotions are our energy in motion. 

So how does this correlate with the music we listen to? Music is widely known as a major factor to help you raise your vibration. There have been many kinds of research made on how positively music affects us. How it has benefits on the human body, how it eases the mind, how it puts you in a better mood. Well, that’s actually only accurate if you listen to the right music.

So we already talked about the energy we radiate. The reason why the energy we radiate is incredibly significant is that we only attract things that are in alignment with our energy. That’s why listening to sad music will most likely not help you with raising your vibrations. But something that can is to play songs that are upbeat, sing along to songs you like, or just having some tunes playing in the background even helps even though you do not pay grand attention to it.

Another thing that supports this idea is meditating with music. Meditating and taking a few minutes out of your day to help calm yourself and let go of all of your thoughts is really helpful too. You don’t need to do anything difficult or time considering. Simply just having some classical music playing and doing some breathing exercises will help you more than you estimate.

So the next time you are doing anything simply just play some high-energy music in the background even if you are doing the most basic tasks possible. You will feel a lot better.

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