Historic Match

If I had a time machine, I would travel to Barcelona FC vs Manchester United Champions league final match happen in 28 March 2011. Because nearly lot of people say this is the most excitement match ever. 


In my opion, this match made between top two teams. The best players are in these teams like young Messi, Young Ronaldo and the other ones. This match is a tactical war for the managers Alex Ferguson (Man. United manager) and the Pep Guardiola (Barcelona manager). These two man are best managers ever for me. Their tactics are so good for a one match. If I was there while the match being played, I would support Barcelona. Because for me the tactics of the Barcelona are different and unique tacticts. 


I would like to play instead of Messi. Because he’s a very tactical player for the match he can dominate all of the match own. He’s a very good dribbler, passer and play-maker. In this match scored 1 goal. This match Man. United lost the Champions league at that year match finished 3-1.  

I see this is a  normal because 2011 Barcelona is the most dangerous team at that time. 3 days after that game Alex Ferguson, He made the following statements in his report ‘’After conceding 3 goals, my assistant came to me and said we have to do something, and I told him to sit down and watch the match.’’ He said that the moment he felt most helpless was in that game. So you can see how Ferguson felt most helpness that moment. 


Also there are other reason for that to the stadium (Wembley stadium), fans, atmosphere of that place and I want see them because I’m also big fan of football. That moment is a game that everyone wants to see. If it was happen it’s a very legendary and unforgettable for me. 


Think about that you’re going to see Champions league final and you see the best players and the best teams in the word would be a priceless moment. 

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