There are societies that give importance to historical artifacts, there are many states that do not give importance to historical artifacts and old buildings. In some countries, they draw figures and write stuffs on historical artifacts. I think this shows the ignorance and disrespect of that society.

As for our topic, I think demolishing old buildings and building new buildings may seem beneficial in some cases, but there are also harmful areas. Demolishing buildings built by famous architects or constructing new buildings that are historically and culturally important and valuable is a very inept and wrong behavior, but also shows the carelessness of the state. However, in some cases, it is normal for buildings that were built carelessly in the past and used only to serve the people living at that time to be demolished. If there is nothing we can consider architectural beauty in any building, there is no problem in the demolition of that building. Not understanding the difference of this and demolishing all old buildings is a cultural problem. We have to give importance to our past. So we must be able to make this distinction and learn to build buildings accordingly.

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