History is for everyone

History…Every single person on this planet experienced this subject in some what way, it might in school or it might be in a book in the form of a glorious story.But what is really learning your history is all about and why is it a big deal to learn you history?
History is a science and it is not just a way to quench our thirst for knowledge about past like where did we come from or how did everything we have right now is here, but history is also a crucial subject for our future too.We witnessed many cases where communities denied or hadn’t appreciated their past repeated their fathers or mothers errors over and over again and I am sure you can observe these kinds of behaviors in your daily life with people who don’t learn from their mistakes.For those countries and people the only way to prevent that is to take lessons from our ancestors(and others), our past to not fall for them again.
Although school is a great place to instill this awareness through lessons ,history lessons are not enjoyed by many and found quite pointless.There are also many speculations about the topics that should be in the history lessons as well; can they add more general information, more of entire worlds history, maybe adding science history, art history or completely forgetting everything and keeping it same.Everyone seems to focus on one topic when it comes to history but why not mix them all together and make a cake they everybody can enjoy where when teacher starts the lesson every student from every interest group listens, whether that particular student is drawn to wars in history or not.It is really easy to lose interest for students especially when dates are involved and by adding a few more attractive facts about history of modern art maybe be the motivator what students need!
At the end of the day we are surrounded by bright humans and most of them are now aware how important it is to educate yourself in every area in life but not everyone is necessarily excited about learning but by tweaking the topics a little bit they can be.

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