Holiday Choice

Nowerdays while choosing  our holiday tipe we can have some trouble.We may want two things at the same time . But the reasearches show that peple prefer to have their holiday near to beaches and seasides. They think that the holiday that they make near the seaside is more entertaining then the holiday that is made in culctural and historical sites.So what are the advantages and disadvantages of both type of holiday.

Firstofall the holiday near the seasides are vital for our health because the vitamin d that comes from the sun is prety important for our health.Secondly  ıf you have a child the holiday near the seaside is a great choice because it is more entertaining and you can do many activities there.Add to that the beuty of the view effects you in a good way especailly in the afternoon.Then what are the disadvantages?When you stay in front of the sun for a long time you may have some critical health problems.Add to that the sea may be sometimes dangerous and some deadly iaaues can happen inside.

Secondly historical and culctural diversted places as a holiday are beneficial for us.İf we have a culcture and history ful holiday we could increase our general knowledge and learn new things about new culctures.Learning new information about culcture and history makes us more sucsessful in our life as well.But this type of holiday may be boring for many people so they don t like it.

To sum up the holiday near the seaside and the holiday which is full of culcture and history have pros and cons.Seaside holiday is more entertaining than the culcture and history full one.But ıf you want to learn new information culcture and history holiday is better for you.

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