Holiday Route

We wait a whole year, to leave the burden on our shoulders and the thought fatigue that preoccupies our minds somewhere available during the year. How nice it is for a person to get a vacation.

I’ve been looking forward to my annual vacation every summer. I’ve been looking at hotels from catalogs and researching for many years about which hotel’s pool is bigger, which hotel’s food is delicious. I’ve been dreaming of going to a hotel and swimming for hours, applying my sunscreen on the beach and lying on a sunbed for many hours, sunbathing by sipping my iced juice, soup to pastry at the buffet; salad to olive oils; dessert to salty until I feel full in the world of taste and I’ve been losing myself in the world of taste

When you think about it, it’s a holiday pattern that includes eating, drinking, swimming and sunbathing activities that follow each other every year. But how far do you go and come in this pattern? This activity, which was very pleasant to you at first, may become monotonous over time and become very annoying by going one step further.

In order to get rid of this monotony, I turned my route to the lands that smell of culture and history all over the place. It is almost a piece of paradise, each corner of which is a separate treasure and becomes more magnificent deep down as it is excavated. From east to west, from north to south, every square is filled with enormous depths of history all over our country.i

The Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said: “A nation that does not know its history is doomed to perish. he said, “yes. Each of us should learn our glorious history very well. We should explore the historical depths of our country not only by reading what we have read in history books, but also by traveling all over our country. Our history, in which we feel its air, smell, texture deep inside us, will connect us even more firmly to our roots.

Each cultural stop where we set off and take a break will offer us different tastes separately. Keep it from the dishes belonging to their region, to their own unique traditions..

All of them will touch our hearts as a separate flavor. Learning about our own culture, diving deeper and turning the hidden pages of our history one by one will undoubtedly leave a special flavor in our souls.

Cultural tours are the best way to pass on our historical heritage to generations. Exploring places that smell of history will allow us to learn about our past much better and have permanent information. The information we try to learn by reading from history books is forgotten over time. When we take our knowledge from the book to the areas where history is experienced and feel and experience that time, we will also increase the permanence of knowledge.

From Nemrut to the Ruins of Ephesus; from the Monastery of Sumele to Aspendos, we should have cultural stops that should be included in our must-visit list, each of which shines a light on both world history and our own history separately.

We should not raise our children separately from our culture and history. We should definitely knead them with culture and history so that their roots are intact. In no case should any force be able to dislodge these roots. This will only be possible with the knowledge of history blended with a solid culture.

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