Hello! I’m Tugsem. Today I will tell you about the holiday I went with my cousin. We rented a house for 2-3 weeks. My cousins ​​also came. We went with my mother, father, me, my sister, my cousin Ayça, my little cousin Gökçe, my aunt Yeşim, my uncle Selçuk. Our daily routine was very good. Now I will write it to you:
Wake up
Eat something
Swim in the pool
Have breakfast
Swim in the pool
Eat ice cream (plain)
Swim in the pool
Watch a film
Play games
Run after Gökçe
Get ready for going out
Play games
Get out and walk
Play games

We would repeat this. I still haven’t forgotten the taste of that plain ice cream that my father and uncle brought. I would do anything to go on that vacation again. We are going to Dubai this year. If we didn’t go, we probably would have gone this year. I hope we’ll go soon. I first learned to swim there. Besides, Ayça is my favourite cousin. I’m talking to her all the time these days. We have so much fun together.

Well, that’s all from me for today. I hope you liked it. See you! <3

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