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Home Office

Do you think it is productive to work from home instead of an office? Nowadays many people are working home office. I think the reason why home office is a common choice is everybody have a comfort zone and most of the time we don’t like going out of our comfort zone, for most of us home is in the comfort zone. As the technology is developing now it is possible getting the equipment we need for word and stay at home to work.

We can say that home office has some advantages such as, you do not have to waste your time on the road and you can have a flexible schedule.

Also you will be able to wear clothes which you feel comfortable in it. Not only you will have less distractions, unless you can hold on without watching television, but also you will feel less stressed. Moreover, you will spend less money for petrol, food or public transportation. Most importantly you will have more time for yourself and for the people you love. Studies have shown that people who can have time for themselves can work more efficiently.

Nevertheless it has disadvantages as much as there are advantages. If you are a person who can easily be distracted you may find yourself watching television, napping or reading a book instead of doing your job.

Thus, it is better to get rid of distractions in your working place to work more efficiently.  Another situation which makes hard to work at home is it can be hard to communicate with people since they may not answer your calls immediately. Even though you save time by working from home you may still waste you time by cooking if you do not want to order food since you will waste your money. Furthermore, an office is a good place to socialize and have new friends. 

As a conclusion, productivity of home office is actually depends on the person. It might be efficient for someone who can work better in a quiet place and comfortable place. But if you cannot focus on your work at your home if we consider that there will be distractions. If you can deal with disadvantages and arrange your time, home office can be a good option.






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