Homeland Equals Children

Children are a concept from the past to the present and children constitute a certain part of the countries. This rule is valid in our country. I don’t know why, but the ability to use a weapon is the first thing that comes to my mind when Atatürk says this. Because I think of the Battle of Çanakkale. Children, young people and people fought in the Dardanelles War because of the insufficient army. One thing we must not forget is that they were once children. Another thing that comes to mind is culture. Our children are our people, who will continue the Turkish culture. No matter how many children we keep in our country and provide opportunities for them, our culture will be permanent and our country will always remain aim. Another feeling is trust. Because this is a relationship built on trust. We believe in them and they believe in our belief and try to maintain it. It should not be forgotten that these children include not only present but also future children. These children are the people who will increase the welfare level of the country, these children are the future teachers, doctors, scientists. This is the children who will educate the future children, so if you look at it, it’s a cycle. No generation will bear a greater burden, so the next generations will always be believed and trusted. Frankly, the fact that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said this word had a great influence and belief on me. Because, in my opinion, he is knowledgeable about everything and a person to be idolized. There is no subject that he did not touch or work on, whether in terms of geometry or language, and I personally found this statement logical for these reasons.

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