Homeland is Born of Children

The social welfare that a nation has owedowethe to the education of society. The reason for this fact is cornerstones of the society’s daily routines, occupations, and pieces of knowledge.  For instance, when a man considered, firstly if he had great education from his parents when he was a child, he will not let wrong attitudes in his environment. Next, when he had an opportunity to study in school, the knowledge that he got from school will improve his personality and he will be more aware of this World. In the end, wh, en he becomes an adult, he will work – the branch he works does not important- for his nation, his world, new will become a person who the world thanks.

When those are values considered, Atatürk’s statement about children and nation is of utmost importance and needs to be thought about by people. Besides education, there is a fact that imagination which as has lacked is limitless in children. There could be some thoughts related to productivity when we want to see effects on nations. However, when we all look around, I am pretty sure we will see something unique, that never existed before. Mainly, this becomes evidence of how important imagination could get in society.

On the other hand, when we investigate children’s effect on the nations negatively, we will see an alone child who is unaware of the universe. Unaware of the education, history, and belief that brainwashed. When that child is born, he will grow up in the noise of parent arguments in chaos. Next, he will go to school with zero background or he even will not. Lack of knowledge or wrong knowledge will affect his friends. Moreover, this lameness will continue growing. In the end, he will be a person who is selfish, lazy,d ignorant.

Consequently, I would like to include my personal view and ideas on the relationship between children and the nation. “If we want to protect our nation, we have to protect our children,” said Atatürk. Likewise, he took steps about understanding the children’s future opinions and their wishes about entertainment. So I believe Atatürk wanted to take a crucial step that can stabilize Turkey’s situation. That is, if children are more conscious, we will have a safer defense system against the problems that the state will experience in the future, this can be both hardware and logical.

Additionally, since Turkey a is developing country, we have a lot of points to clarify and develop. We all know Atatürk already knew those points and how to solve them, the things he did after this statement could be evidence. On behalf of Turkish citizens, maintaining a social base of the nation is the key to opening numerous troubles that we face even nowadays and we always need to thank for this attempt.

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