Homework a Torture or a Must

Haven’t you ever complained about doing homework or think that you’re already too tired after a long and exhausting school day and should they tire you by giving you more work to do?

You’re not alone, this is what most of the students think while they are doing their homework. Some students think that doing homework won’t be beneficial and it only takes their time and consume their energy. Others think that doing homework will be a path to success. It’s controversial if it’s necessary to do homework or not.


It’s proven that our brain can make knowledge permanent which is what we call learning when it’s revised. Thus educators think that doing homework is a process of learning and it’s crucial. Because as you do homework you see and remember the concepts and terms that you have seen in class and you revise while doing it. But of course, most of the students see it as torture even though they know its benefits. I think the reason behind it, is because students are pushed a lot to do lots of homework and they feel like they are drowning in them. After some time normally they don’t want to do it at all. This is the reason why they are denying the fact that they are not doing homework in vain.


In brief, we can say that we cannot refuse the effect of homework on learning. I think if students were given less homework and homework that are more interactive which would be easier for them to visualize what they have learned they wouldn’t see it as a burden and make sense why it’s vital. If they want to learn something they have to exercise and doing homework is a way of that. Thus homework is crucial for success.

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