Homework-Ceaseless Lie

Homework is cornerstone of education,which accompanies contentious views on being beneficial.Some people claim that homework is being an helpful guide to teach students.So,should we bury the truth about homework being the bottom line which undermines students’ efforts just to live up to the expectations of an outmoded ideal?

Even though educationists think that giving lots of homework is nothing different from trying to empty the ocean with a spoon,some people still insist on the importance of a fabrication built on the dreams of success.Not only do they put an obstacle to have sufficient time on studying but also students become less enthusiastic in the class as they keep late hours to finish their homework.If we dig deeper into the argument,a study done by a math teacher in Juda,Wisconsin illuminates that students are almost 30 percent more ready for college than they were before with the new no-homework policy,which demolishes all the arguments about homework being a key to success.

On the other hand,people who are on the other side of the fence claim that homework leads students to be more comfortable with their stress as they revise the topics.When all facts come to light,it shows that 56 percent of students considered homework as a primary source of stress according to a study by Stanford University,which turns all the assertions about contributions of homework on anxiety to be completely groundless.

In conclusion,homework is nothing but an impediment to success and progress for the students who want to pursue their dreams.Should we put obstacles to make their goals nothing different from achieving the impossible or pave the way for them to fulfill their dreams?

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