Hope and Survive


Don’t stop hoping because what you want will surely reach you one day. The hope you didn’t lose will give you strength and you will stand. It may be hard to wait, but your dreams will come true as a result of the time you wait and the effort you put in. That’s why you have to be patient and work without giving up. Hope gives you enough support to reach your dreams and makes you feel good. When you give up, you lose hope and have an unhappy life.

Don’t lose hope because you need to succeed. You need hope so that you can win the school you want, be the first in the competition, get the prize you want or live the life you want. You cannot achieve these achievements without hope. You have to believe in yourself and that you will be successful. Many successful students, athletes, artists and scientists achieved their goals by not losing hope and they see hope as the most important part of their success.

Don’t lose hope because life is too short for that. If you need hope to live the life you want, how can you live after losing it? Even if the probability of what you want to happen is zero percent, hoping for it and saying maybe it will happen one day makes life more livable. Hope is a big part of life and it would be unbearable without it.

Don’t lose hope because you will need hope all your life. Hope is in you and don’t lose it.

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