Hope Begins With A HERo

Have you ever watched such an exciting film that makes you both on the edge of your seat and burst out into laughter? Also if you are a fan of superhero films, “Captain Marvel”, which is in the theaters since March 8 (3D), is just for you then!

Being the first female superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film has a gripping plot. After crashing a key on uncharted territory, Carol Danvers who is a pilot of Air Force is brought up by Kree, to make her a member of the elite Starforce Military. But after six years, Carol Danvers starts to understand who she really is. Subsequently, she begins to discover the truth about her past, with the help of Nick Fury. And finally she unleashes her “real” power and discovers what makes her a hero.

The film has made a tremendous impact since it goes beyond the ordinary. By making one of the most powerful hero in the universe a fearless fighter female, it has won everybody’s heart and appreciated by people all around the world.

Furthermore, film has a brilliant cast full of talented actors such as Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and  Jude Law as Yon-Rogg. It is thought that the highlights of the film are Samuel L. Jackson’s scenes. Not only humans, but also a cat called “Goose” is taking part in the cast. It is quite unbelievable but Goose -the cat- has an extremely important role in the film. And of course, the brightest name of the film – Brie Larson, known as Captain Marvel. From my point of view, her talent and sincerity brought the majority of the success. Moreover, a Turkish composer Pınar Toprak made the soundtracks of the film and managed to show her name on the screens, which made Turkish fans amazed and proud.

In addition, the film has lots of implications for fans. First of all, the main intro and later on a cameo are in the memory of the creator, who has passed away recently, Stan Lee. Also, the after-credit scenes are giving crucial clues about the upcoming film “Avengers: End Game”, which made all the audience hyped up. So the film was planned such acutely that it killed two birds with one stone.

In conclusion, it is an astonishing film which gives important messages to humankind, and in the meantime, makes you laugh a lot by the humorous lines. Therefore, I think it is worth watching and strongly recommend everyone. If you are interested, try not to miss!



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