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Hope Is A Key

Just close your eyes and think about your personal target in your life. Maybe you can see darkness and hopeless people if you choose the dark side. But the bright side shows the light of hope and happiness. Your hopes are not just your expectaions in your life. Think a door and this door has a name called ”Life” this door is always locked and we don’t know what’s inside. Second of all there is a key called ”Hope” and this key can unlock all locked doors even the door called ”Life”. Sometimes we can though that our life tries to break our expectations from it. The other fact is many people claims that being hopeless is the secret of our planet. I will going to say do not being unmerciful for our hopes. Hopes are like the pigeons ıf you gave them a wheat they will come to your lovely hands. But if you fire them from your balcony they will fly away. Being hopeless and being hopefull is our personal choice. Do not believe the darkness there is a sunshine after raining cats and dogs.İmkansızın anahtarı başarıda saklıdır.

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