Hope is Everything!

Don’t give up hope because it’s okay to be unsuccessful. You can’t always be successful. But it’s important not to lose hope when you fail. Because if you lose your hope than you can’t be successful. People around you say that, ‘’Don’t do it, you will fail.’’ , ‘’ Do you think you can do that?’’ etc. You’re not going to care what people say, right?  You can do it, don’t lose your hope, as long as you succeed, hope will come together with you. Whatever you want to achieve, if you work hard, you will succeed, but sometimes even if you work hard, you may fail, if you keep going without losing hope, success will follow you.



Don’t give up hope because it always leads you to negative results. You will be unhappy. And unhappiness makes people less friends around them. All these negative things follow each other and lead to more failure. It is necessary to continue life with new hopes every day. Dreams affect hope in a good way. Living with hope adds beauty to one’s life. Never give up on life.



Don’t give up hope because  a person without hope does not know her/his purpose in life. For success, first of all, you need to hope, then you need to work, you need faith. Hope is the magic key. Someone who has lost hope has nothing else to lose. Where there is hope there is life. A person  should always look to the future with hope throughout her/his life. Life is short. We should be hopeful instead of pessimistic.



Don’t give up hope because  hope is happiness. Hope is tomorrow. Hope is life. Hope is everything. German physicist Albert Einstein said ‘’Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.’’

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