I didn’t know that meeting her would have changed my whole life. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was written in the stars. Or maybe it was just a lucky coincidence. Whatever it was, I’m really glad that it happened.  If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have been the person that I am right now. All of it started last year, exactly 365 days ago.


We met right after christmas break. Since we were studying at the same university I knew who she was but I never really cared enough to go talk to her. However, a snowy Saturday evening changed all of that. I wasn’t aware of the fact that there was going to be a snow storm since there wasn’t even clouds in the sky at the early hours of the day. So, as I was a busy university student, I didn’t even think about cancelling my plans for the day. My plans consisted of visiting the library for some books that I was in need of. Also getting some small tasks done. It was a very normal and boring day to say the least. Until it drastically changed.


I was in the library and nearly done with all the things that I had to do when the electricity went out all of a sudden. Without panicking the first thing I did was to check my phone. Turns out a massive snow storm was happening and it was not going to stop for hours. It was all good, however, public transport wasn’t going to be working as the news were saying. There was no other way of me going to my apartment other than walking for hours and I couldn’t do that obviously. That was when I met her.


We were both inside the library, it turns out. After talking for a few minutes she offered me a ride home and I was too scared to refuse. That’s how our friendship started. As I learned later on her name was Hope. All I can say is her name fit her bubbly personality very much. She would always help me with my assignments, lighten my mood and take me to the parts of the city that I have never been to before. She was like my long lost sister. I was the happiest I have ever been in my life. This all changed when I was informed that she had cancer.


Now it’s been two months since she passed away but our memories keep me hopeful and motivated about everything. And that’s the story of how she changed my life.

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