In 2016, with the decision of the Council of Ministers, it completed the usage of summer and winter time. The decision with respect to the continuation of the pushed clock application applied all through the country to use the light was circulated in the Official Gazette.

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In the President’s decision in the Official Gazette, it was communicated that the current pushed clock application  applied all through the country to continue benefitting by daylight is picked to be kept up reliably.

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It was in like manner saw that the decision of the Council of Ministers dated October 23, 2017 and numbered 2017/10921 on the execution of mid year was furthermore disavowed.

The decision to be put into sway was picked according to Article 2 of the Law No. 697 on the “Twenty-Four Hour of the Day”. So winter time application won’t be this year either. So what are the favors of this?

sunny days

In the extent of 22: 00-24: 00, which is conveyed as the rest start time, an imperative decreasing is found in the pace of intensity usage. This reduces supreme force usage, yet also brings to rest earlier, which is fundamental for people’s prosperity.

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With the application, the completion of working hours in the west and the school leaving hours are given without getting faint, and social and mental increments are cultivated. The impression of this achievement in the east is remarkable.


Since essentially all the zones in the east of Ankara were canvassed in haziness by 16:00 in winter. It is seen that more use of light in the east emphatically influences open movement, transportation, warming and security.

In addition , guardians of essential and auxiliary school understudies grumbled that the youngsters set out without fading day and night. Thinking about this circumstance, particularly in huge urban areas in the west, courses of action were made through the governorships during the school beginning hours. Along these lines, the issue of setting off in obscurity is settled.

Producers in never-ending daylight saving time put into sway in order to give imperativeness saving in government and scattering associations, while conveying expanded huge advantages of Turkey’s outperforming invariable summer five months, 6 percent of the time applied electric israfıtl 2.8 billion pounds, which persevered through the foreordained. This situation can be depicted as a mishap.

Accordingly, it isn’t the methods by which monetarily the country has hurt. The administration help of the country’s occupants is huge. This is the explanation this preparation should be executed again.

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