So firstly lets talk about what is household waste? Household waste is the wasted products that you take out from your home. So we can say that wasted foods. Of course household wastes are harmful for the environment but household wastes are not as harmful as plastics. Water bottles are very harmful.
So whats their damages? Firstly it’s causes a dirty appearance and household wastes are staying in nature in sometime. They cant dissolve in nature so much fast. It’s taking more than two months and sometimes it cant dissapear for long years.
So whats the goverments roll in here? So goverment can put some special bin for household wastes like make more bins for household wastes. We watch YouTube or TV; there can be more adds about theese like make people informations about theese. Adds will be very effective. Because we can see adds in everywhere. For example in YouTube people enjoy watching it so they are in YouTube and there are lots of add in YouTube so one of these adds can be about the household wastes like this can be for TV’s to. But the most important thing is firstly people want this. Because as we can see there is lots of hungry people and they’re trying to find foods and this is very important them some people just see a food and dont like it and then just put into bin. Firstly to make less household waste. We shouldn’t consume more then we need. We can throw them into the special bins and we can use that wasted foods for making fertilizer.
So there are lots of way to do this but as i sad the most important thing is people should want all of theese things.

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