Household Waste

With the effect of industrialization and urbanization in the globalizing world, resources are unconsciously used and wastes are generated as a result of this consumption. There are many kind of waste. Household waste, medical waste, industrial waste and much more.

I think the most important waste is household waste. What is household waste? Well as the name implies It is the name given to the substances that are formed in our homes and that we will no longer need after use. Examples of household; paper, batteries, bags, food, metal, clothes, furniture, electronics, bottles. Anyways the reason I think the most important waste is household waste is cities are growing rapidly. Fifty one year ago in 1970 Ankara’s population was around 2 milions and now in 2021 it is around 5.700.000. The population of cities has increased not only in Ankara, but all over the world. Of course household waste increased directly proportional with the increase of the population of the cities. 3 billion 454 milion people are living in the cities. That means there are bilions of people doing household waste. How can we solve this problem? Some people said that countries should limit household waste to prevent environmental pollution. I think the idea is great, but it should not be limited to just that. What I am trying to say is that we need to raise public awareness. What we are trying to do will be more successful if the education level of the people is enough. Think about Germany. Germany’s education level is one of the greatest education levels of all countries. If you limit household waste to prevent environmental pollution, they will listen you and obey the rule. But if you do this thing in somewhere that is not educated you will not take the same reaction.

As a conculution goverments should limit household waste to prevent environmental pollution. It will change according to the education level of a place but with educated people and with good planing it will bring good results. The less household waste we create, the more we reduce the environmental pollution in our world. We should do that for a good future…



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