How About Joining The Team?

Regardless of what job you are looking for, there are qualifications every single employer is looking for: The 21st-century skills. These skills consist of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, media/technology literacy, and e.t.c. When people say they want the full package, they do not want people who are perfect at every aspect of the job; they want people who are ready to give their everything and will be there for the company. That would exactly be what I would be looking for in the recruitment process.

Honesty is the best policy. I value honesty as a key trait in my employees. Some applicants are tempted to misrepresent their qualifications in order to land a job, but I believe this is not a good idea. Though it may help them advance in the employment process, if I, their future employer, learn of their dishonesty, they will never be able to regain my trust. Honesty is also a crucial trait to have outside of the interviewing process. An employee who admits and learns from mistakes is a valuable asset to any firm.

Someone I would love to have on my team is someone who is eager to learn. I appreciate individuals who actively attempt to improve themselves and express that they like learning new things. A passion for education shows that they are diligent and humble, acknowledging that there is always more to learn.

I would want a person who is not only there to address problems, but there to solve them. I want people on my team who can identify a need and address it, and be prepared to share examples of when they identified a problem and devised a viable solution.

Last but not least. Because of what it indicates about the worker, ambition is a fundamental trait that I seek for. It suggests they have a goal in mind and are striving to improve both themselves and their surroundings. I would want them to not be hesitant to tell me about their greatest dream. So that I can find the best position for them in the company and boost their worth.

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