How Atomic Bombs Bring Peace ?

Did you know how many atomic bombs are present in the world  ? Answer is more than 13 thousand. Presently, just 8 countries have all the atomic bombs and most of them belongs to USA and Russia . Since 1945 no country has attacked another country by using atomic bomb . So what is the reason for having a lots of  atomic bombs ?

The answer is the  deterrent rule . Deterrent rule is a well known concept that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing  something. But this is not about personal thing . It is about international relationships . So this is why 8 country have atomic bombs . And this situation brings  peace and balance  to the world . Atomic bomb owners hesitate to use their atomıc bomb because of the fact that it can start a Domino Effect among countries and it may evenstart a world war.

Another aspect of having an atomıc bomb with a narrower effect to maintain world peace and balance is its out of proportion power . If a small country with limited human based military resources has an atomic bomb with a  narrower effect it becomes a powerful country .Its neighbour countries can not think of attacking this country . And it would not be a small fish anymore .

In conclusion , presence of atomic bombs with narrower effect brings peace and balance  to the world by means of deterrent rule and converting  small countries into the  big military power .





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