How Does Homework Affect Students Lives

At some points, every student has some problems with school. Such as homework. Teachers and parents think that this is essential for the learning process, but students think otherwise.

In some countries, the homework amount is so less. Thus, students could find some free time for themselves. This would lead them to find their own abilities on some certain topics. They could spend time with their families and friends. They have life which is not all about school. For that reason, the majority of the students are satisfied with their lives.

Giving so much homework does not mean that the students learning from these tasks. Because when teachers give too much task, students could not have enough time to make all of these in an efficient way. Thus, they are doing those tasks just in order not to fail. In addition to that, they could not find enough spare time to study. They are just doing the tasks that they are assigned. As you can understand and observe, the amount does not bring success all the time.

However, some people think that doing homework makes students realize which parts are missing. And with the help of the homework, students are doing revisions. But still they can do revisions without homework. Because everyone has a different way of learning. When teachers force student’s hands to do the things that some of them even could not understand, the ones who are not able to do it think that they could not understand anything like the others do. This is such an unmotivated moment for those students. And some of them think that those tasks are so easy that they are wasting their times. This is all because everyone has a different capacity and a different way of understanding.

To summarize, homework is important for students at some points. But when the amount of homework they have to do is too much, just some of them could do those tasks effectively. For that reason, the rest of them could not learn anything from homework. As a conclusion, we get the idea which is the quality of the homework should be the main important part for both students and teachers.

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