How does overpopulation or underpopulation affect a countrys well being

In my opinion, underpopulation positively affects the level of welfare because when the population is low, comfort and abundance will be more comfortable for people, but when the population of the country is high, of course, the negative effects on the population are due to the fact that there are too many people. In this case, I logically want the population to be low, how do you think, I think you will think about the minority because who wants to be affected negatively, anyway, let’s talk a little more about the excess population, so imagine you enter a store or I will tell you a better example, you went to a bank and your queue is very high. You saw that there was a problem and you were very angry about this situation, in this case you had to wait in line because there was nothing you could do, but the minority of the population has more advantages in everything, but of course, even if we are in this situation, we can’t do anything, so it’s better to have less population in every way.
I want to discuss this a little more because a lot of people think wrong about this situation, but of course there are people who think right. I have nothing to say to those people anyway. I have already given the example above for those who think wrong, but it will be with people whose thoughts do not change, normally anyway I I’m going back to the position now where were we there are a few more things I would like to add to the overpopulation so I will give an example again, for example, you don’t have a bus transportation vehicle and you go to work by bus every day and the bus stops are very crowded and you can’t get on the bus and you are quite late to work and you experience this every morning. This is always the case. when it happens, your boss warns you and now you can’t make up an excuse because it happens all the time, and you feel helpless and get fired, whereas there is nothing you can do about this issue, you are still helpless, so as I said, the best thing is that the population is low now, as a result of what I have said, no one is the population. I think they don’t want it to be too much, if there are still people who want it, it means they want their own evil, so they end their own lives with their own hands.



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