How Effective Is Online Learning?


Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, online learning is a part of many students’ lives. The COVID‐19 pandemic forced schools around the world to close and move their educational activities onto online education. The strengths and weaknesses of online learning are being discussed these days. Is it beneficial or not for the students? Do you think that it is working equally for minority students?

There are many reasons why the online learning works the best and gives opportunities to attend the class for many students. Students living far from their schools now have an opportunity to get education. Students can participate in classes all around the world in spite of the distance.

Also, time efficiency has a huge impact on students’ success. Thanks to the online education, students are now able to save more time for their free time activities and also for studying.

In addition, there is access to more sources for better learning. It is easier to connect with experts and have an interview about the lessons. Furthermore, students have access to international books and resources. Educators can share links about articles and other materials relevent to the lessons for students to access more easily. Also with the interactive games and platforms, a beter learning can be provided.

Despite the strengths of online learning, there are many weaknesses as well. The biggest problem is the lack of access, whether it can be due to economic and logistic reasons. This makes it work unfair for some students. Rural neighborhoods which don’t have internet connection has the biggest problem. Also, cheating prevention in online exams and assignments is complicated. Nothing can prevent a student who wants  to cheat at an online exam.

Moreover, online lessons are based on theory, rather than practice. This makes students harder to learn especially for the students who learns better with visualizing. Without face- to- face communication, and the use of workshops, labs, etc. learning needs an extra efford from students.

Afterall, it is necessary for a better future and literacy level of the country. Although the difficulties, students should be patient for better days.

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