How Our Ideas Can be More Valuable?

As the human-beings, we all have this huge desire to make history ,by being inspired to other people or by inventing something, but we all have this thought to change the world one day. Especially when we are young, so many logical or nonsense ideas cross our minds. I believe, there had been so many people who thought a wonderful solution to change the world but unfortunately, we have came across just a few of the ideas. What might be the reason?

Being capable of thinking and interpret is the thing that distinguish us from other species as the humans. That is why our ideas are sometimes unstoppable. In my point of view, every idea should be considered as an important thing by the person who thought it. We all underestimate ourselves and our ideas. That is the mistake we do in first place. We need see our potential.

Other mistake that we do is not paying attention to our ideas that cross our minds. Because there is a huge risk to forget it. Rather than being lazy, I think the very first thing we need to. do is writing. Putting our ideas on a paper is not only important for the individual but also for the world as well. Because no one can read our minds or  see what we are thinking unless we talk about it. However, they can easily forget or do not even care.

There is a saying that writing remains while words fly away. I can’t agree more with that proverb. The new generations will not be able to see what we thought but can find our ideas by sources which are hard or soft copies. And writing is the best way to take a concrete step. That is how our thoughts can last for a long time or forever.

What I mean is clearly to write anything out that comes to your mind. It is also an easier way to decide if your idea is useless or not. With the technological developments and improvements, it is way easier to put our ideas black and white. Do not ever let the laziness and your alibis to control you. And action speaks more than words, so act with writing. Your ideas are precious and never waste their potential of making a history. Believe in yourself and start writing immediately.

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