How to Be a Pioneer?

I imagine myself as a person that manages a car company. What should I do to become a pioneer in  the car sector? I think there are a lot of things to do because I have a lot of rivals in the sector. Then I’m going to explain what I am going to do.

Firstly, I take experienced people for work and try to motivate them. Because motivation is so important for employees. Motivation helps them to do their job better. Also I give some free social opportunities to don’t make them bored with work. For example I build gymnasium for sports activities. Except emplooyes, It’s important to pay attention to factories. I build eco-friendly and high-tech factories. I also pay attention to safety rules and take precautions about safety. My employees and customers can trust me by these.

I should announce my name to all of the world to be a famous company, right? I sign some agreements with different famous companies and  corparations and cooparate with them. I also advertise my companies name by some Web sites and billboards. We know that a lot of companies be famous with some pretentious advertisements. So advertisements are so important and logical if we want to spearhead the car sector.

Definitely the things that I explained till here are important, but not enough to be a pioneer. I took experienced people, payed attention to safety, advertised my name, announced my company and be famous but what happens if I don’t produce qualified cars? Maybe you can guess the answer. We pop like a very big baloon. people do not purchase our cars and we lose all the money we have. We should produce high qualified materials first. Then, equip cars with high tech and driver friendly equipments. Our car should be so safe and comfotable. All the car models of our company should get high grades from safety tests.  Also motor is so important too. Cars’ motor should be powerful and economic. And it should support the sun and electric energy to be eco-friendly. expect all of these, design should be iconic and stylish.

To summarize, it is not an easy thing to be a pioneer at the one of the most important sector of world. If we want to be succesful, we must do whatever we can and follow the right path. If we do these, we will be rewarded with succes.


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