How to Become A Man of The World?

Living in a world together with other people makes me feel that I become more responsible each day. Do you think that knowing a language or more than one is enough to be a part of this world? Is it that easy to become a man of the world?

People consider that learning a foreign language makes you a qualified person. Yes, it does. However, having perfect grammar, listening and writing skills do not make you a person who can stand on their feet in any part of the world. If you are thinking that with your advanced English skills, you can survive everywhere. It is not true at all. There are some basic rules to become a person that does not belong to a certain country or region someone who belongs to the world.

“All I’m asking is for a little RESPECT” as Aretha Franklin sings in her famous song. Respect is something that we should learn when we are growing up. Is it possible to be a person being accepted by a group or any part of a community without having any respect? It is impossible. Think about the politicians. There are some racist politicians who are discriminating foreign people. I literally cannot think how successful they are at ruling the country without having any respect for the people of color. Being a white supremacist is stupidity. On the other hand, respecting the diversities is of the essence of being a human. The colour of your skin, the nationality you belong, the language you speak, the religion you believe in can be totally different from any other people but we are all human in the end which is important.

We have to read a lot to be able to look at situations from different perspectives. We must travel and never stop exploring new places. A person who is well-read will always have more advantages in life than the others. They will always have an idea about any topic. Also, they will talk or express their feelings on that topic easily as if they studied on it.

To summarize, we should never stop thinking, reading, travelling. We should always consider ourselves as if we belong to nowhere else. We belong to the world, not a specific country or a city. What I am trying to say is that growing up learning a couple of languages is not enough to be a kind of that person.

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