Gender roles mean how society wants that sex to act, dress, talk, think, speak, groom, and conduct ourselves. Even society wants you to be in a gender. Every society, culture, group has its gender role. They expect people to follow these roles from childhood. In this process, which starts from the age of three, the attitude of the family and the compliance of their views with society affect the child and even the society itself. Since the perception of gender roles is imposed on children from a very young age, it becomes increasingly difficult to reduce this thought with the passing time. For example, it’s easy to learn a new piece of information. But correcting a learned knowledge requires long efforts.

The fact that men and women are biologically different has led to gender roles. The perception and preferences of religion from the past are also a reason for the separation of gender roles in society. Gender roles in society have been processed so much that even in the smallest details there is a separation of the sexes. For example, colors have been created according to the gender of babies; girls should wear pink while boys should wear blue. We can understand the sex of the baby by the color that a baby is dressed in when walking down the street.

As for the roles of men and women, we can see a lot of differences. According to society, a woman needs to take care of her home, do the dishes, do the laundry, take care of her child. A woman needs to get married, most importantly. If a woman does not marry at the appropriate time “according to society”, she needs to be isolated. Although we have moved a little further away from this idea in recent years, discrimination between men and women can be seen even in occupational choices. For example, a woman cannot work at a gas station, a woman cannot work in jobs that require strength, strength, energy. According to society, when it comes to the role of a man, a man should always bring money to his house, he should support dec house, he should have a life between work and his home. When necessary, he must provide financial and moral support to both his family, wife, and children. 

The fact is that a man does not need to get an education by this time, after all, knowledge does not feed you. A man needs to protect himself and his family according to society.

All genders have their difficulties. Over time, these roles begin to decrease, but they are not finished. We need to reduce or even eliminate these roles. So how can we start this? Starting, of course, from our closest circle. First of all, we need to convince ourselves of this. And then we have to explain it to the people closest to us. This will gradually grow and change all of us, in fact, society itself. Now let’s put aside the roles and look at how to make both ourselves and people in society happy.


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