Hello, dear readers. Today I’m back with a discussion question again:
“You have received a large amount of money. Take a step towards the job you want to do now the time. Which sector would you turn to, what methods would you follow to be a pioneer in this sector?”

Firstly, it depends on the amount of money that we’ve received, the place of our business. Also, we should have a strategy and some market knowledge to choose the best sector for the highest income. There are plenty of ways to continue but, it must be secure and guaranteed.

Let’s start with simple solutions. I suppose that the money is about 10 million US dollars. It would be enough to create a new company. When you search on the net for potential business ideas for the highest income, you’ll see complicated things. The reason for good profits is; they are the jobs that most people don’t spend time on it, even can’t do alone or urgent. As an example: Car washing or IT support. What is their common feature?
Either of them is hard to delay and most people aren’t conscious about these topics and, dealers can increase the prices even the consumers may not notice it. So, it is more suitable to capitalize a bit. And it is less competitive.

Your ability or talent is a definite factor too. I will go on mine.
Probably I would choose something about technology. I think that I’m good at it. You can’t increase your income straightly by producing products released by other companies. Less competition means more profit. You need to join into the sectors that include more demand. A suitable option can be an authorized technical service.

My strategy would be to open shops far from the other ones and give service fast, 7/24 (also online), and a cheaper experience. I wouldn’t profit from the service; I would provide profit from what I sell in the store ex: Accessories for devices, promotional items, online support (setup, etc.)

I told you that IT support is one of the highest income jobs before. That’s right because online support spends nothing but employees and time. If you can separate/use your employee correctly, paid supporting turns to mine.

As my small business developed, it would grow into one of the best authorized technical service and support companies (It would be authorized by most of the technology companies). I would have a high profit, high customer satisfaction. That is the way for being a pioneer in a sector for me.

I shared my opinions and choices about the topic. What about yours? Please don’t forget that they are only my ideas. Thanks for your reading.




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