How To Deal With Covid-19

Coronavirus is spreading all around the world so rapidly more than we can imagine. It started to decrease it’s effectiveness on the place that it came first but it is causing rise in number of infected people in other countries. Italy and the US are leading of these countries.Coronavirus impact on US travel industry and airlines - Business ...ANALYSIS - Italy: Coronavirus trauma




In our country, Turkey, it came late than others but this doesn’t mean that this situation will go behalf of Turkey. According to my point of view, this was a good thing just because we had time for understanding the side effects and how to deal with it. As a matter of fact that connection with Europe and China it also spread to our country. Now it is time for us to reduce the spreading percentage from people to people by taking some small and easy precautions.Precautions Görsel, Stok Fotoğraf ve Vektörleri | Shutterstock

Why are children 'missing' from coronavirus outbreak cases? | Live ...  First off all, this is something so difficult to accept the situation for younger ages. This is hard because normally they have right to run in the outside especially in the spring and under the Sun with butterflies. But now they have to stick at home which makes them bored easily. They started to yell, cry and sour. So families have task for their children. For example, they have to be calm and proactive. Also being stick to a routine is so crucial for children’s psychology. Moreover, check in with them about what they are hearing is protective for misinformation about the disease which may create questions on children’s mind.How to keep your children active and healthy while in coronavirus ...

Secondly, as this pandemic disease infect mostly older people who are more than 65, middle-aged people CDC Information on Covid-19 Risk for Older Populations be active all the time to supply old people’s need which means this mobility requires high level of energy. They should not only take care for their children but also they should provide foods, medicines or other necessary things for their relatives. So we can obviously say that they are the most tired people when we compare them with younger and older people.How to protect your family's mental health in the face of ...

SUNNY DAYS -      We shouldn’t forget that what we are going to do will detect what we are going to be. And coronavirus threats not only our health but also our beloved ones so let’s keep social distance and then let’s move on another white page with the whole good news. The only thing that you should think is virus is temporary but happiness is permanent. Merely, this thought can keep us alive.

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