How to Prevent Global Warming

Global warming is the hottest issue of the World.  The increase in temperature on the earth’s surface as a result of the greenhouse effect caused by the gases released into the atmosphere by humans is called “Global Warming”. The world is warming, the climate is changing. The number of disasters such as floods, landslides and forest fires is increasing. According to the UN Climate Report, the world is going to be 2.7 degrees warmer. UN Secretary-General Guterres warned that global warming is heading towards a disaster that can lead to mass casualties. The world is warming, the climate is changing. The number of disasters such as floods, landslides and forest fires is increasing.  The world is screaming for help.                Global warming not only affects the humans but also has a great effect on the environment and the living species. In  an article published by Professor Chris Thomas, the faculty member of Leeds University, it is stated that “global warming will destroy a quarter of plant and animal species by 2050,”  The extinction rate of these living species by humans is estimated to be 100 to 1000 times more than  the natural extinction rate.

The impact of climate change isn’t just about an increase in temperatures. Plants, animals and ecosystems and also we humans are at great risk as a result of the factors such as drought, floods, severe hurricanes, rise in ocean and sea water levels, increase in the acidity of the oceans, and the melting of glaciers. areas. All these natural events, which we may not realize, trigger other climate events that affect us very much. Plant and animal species that are adversely affected by all these climate changes are either decreasing or completely distinct. Every negative change in the world directly affects people.

We all have responsibilities to survive our world. We can start our way by doing our individual responsibility by learning and explaining individual precautions that we can lead to a better world.

The main cause of global warming is energy consumption. Of course, individual energy consumption may seem like small amounts when we compare it to industrial consumption, but when we individually save our own, small savings turn into big savings by millions of people.                 We can plant lots of trees.  1 tree absorbs about 1 tonne of CO2  through its lifetime. We can use public transport instead of our individual cars. We also achieve CO2 savings by using public transport. We can limit the usage of electric devices. These devices cause 450 kg of CO2 emissions.  With the use of renewable energy sources, it is possible to reduce the CO2 emissions We can turn our face to a solar energy and wind energy. Water saving is one of the most important way of struggling with the global warming. We can minimize the total amount of water we use annually by taking precautions such as changing the faucets we use at home, repairing the leaking installations, keeping the time short while brushing teeth and taking a shower.               We must work together to make our world a more livable world and to leave a livable world to future generations. It should not be forgotten that unity is strength.




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