How to Stop Global Warming

As we all know one of the biggest problems in technology age is global warming. Global warming is a increase in Earths temperature generally because of the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants. Global warming effects whole world directly. But how?

We know that due to global warming arctic ices are melting. Only in 20th century water levels increased nearly 20 cm. Scientist say that at 21th century water levels will increase by 50 cm. That will effect lot of countries which has coast to oceans. If all the West Antarctica Ice Cap melts water level could increase 10 meters. Even -5 degrees celcius could make Earth back to Ice Ages. Earths relation with temparature is delicate like that. We can understand how dangereous is global warming. If global warming is this dangereous, why we didnt stopped it? Actually we tried, Paris Climate Agreement. Paris Agreements goal is to make climate only 2 degrees celcius more than pre-industrial period. There are 5 countries that did not accepted this agreement, which are Eritre, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq. In this 5 countries Iran is the one that made most emission by percent 2 compare to whole world. As we understand nearly all the countries accepted this aggrement, so why global warming is still going? Because Paris Agreement signed in 2016, but industry age started in 1760. We can see that Paris agreement is not enough. Human population is increasing very fast so machines. If global warming is this serious, what can we or what should we do?

There is a lot of ways to fight. For a example check the fabrics for filtreting system. Important one is what can we do to decrease it, by ourself not countries or goverment. There is actually basic 10 topics to do. 1-Decrease your usage of car. Cars are one of the biggest part on global warming list. So we need to decrease our usage of cars, we can just walk or bike, even skating. Anything that doesnt produce carbondioxide. 2-Using busses. If you cant walk to the places that you need to go, you can try busses. Because busses carry approximately 70 people. This means 70 cars equal to 1 bus. Other ones are: 3- Changing Light Bulbs, even one light bulb can effect very much. 4-Recylce. 5- Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning. 6- Planting trees. 7-Buying Efficient Cars, even if you are buying and using a car at least choose a car which is fuel efficient or electric ones. 8- Buying products, which means not buying the overseas productions. Transportion overseas are leads to thousand of pounds. 9-Inflate your tires. 10- Changing your AC filters, which directly effects carbondioxide. These are the things we can do by our own. Dont think like it will not effect, it will. Global warming is a serious problem, beware of it.

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