How to Store the Information When There is No Space Left

Technology is improving day by day. We acquire better phones which are able to take better pictures as they get better. Qualified photos mean more gigabytes to cover in the storage. Neither phones nor personal hard drives are adequate nowadays. To overcome this problem many companies like Google and Apple created cloud systems. Even though cloud systems are really beneficial on the personal level but because of the system still requires the big hard drives which takes up a lot of space. Humans can try use under the soil or spare spaces in their homes or garages however eventually there will be no place available.

We, the humankind, are preserving the greatest hard drives in our cells and it is called DNA. It contained every information throughout the generations. DNA can store up to 15 zettabytes which is exactly 10^21 times 15. Assuming humans will not extinct for another millennium we should have unlimited data storage. Processing and transferring the data is a problem since there is no technology reached to that level. Reliability of the information is going to be the top. Also, the safety of the data is at maximum because it is unhackable.

Concerns DNA storage may bring up to the light are humans becoming some kind of robots. Even it can lead taking pictures with a blink of an eye or recording everything that is heard. These innovations will be expensive in order to cover the cost of the material. Thus only the wealthy enough will be able to afford just like the AIDS treatment.  Some religious matters will come up to the surface on the way since it is a direct intervention on human biology and changing the destiny at a point.

Furthermore, if we do this a possible war with the mother nature will initiate. Humans will possess the ability to change their DNA, which basically means the biggest step towards eternal life or defeating the vital illnesses with ease. It is a possibility that while trying to escape it humans can bring themselves to their certain end.

As a conclusion problem of storage can be solved not through enlarging but diminishing. After DNA becomes inadequate the material will become atoms then orbitals of electrons and quarks and it has a way through the god particle which is the smallest but the most powerful existence of all. All the effects besides the most probable outcome will be continuing what we best do and improve for the survival of the information.

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