Human Against Challanges

Throughout life, human race has faced and yet facing difficulties. Commonly, it is comprehended difficulties are bad. Is it really bad to have these challanges?

Difficulties and issues are significant pieces of life that give you encounters, cause you to learn and assist you with getting savvier and more grounded. Issues cause us to develop and shape us. The most concerning issue individuals have is that they expect an existence without issues. This is an inconceivable objective, and would prompt an exhausting existence without character. We will all have issues depend on the amount the thing that matters is the means by which we manage the issues and difficulties that happen.

For instance I had tons of problems on a period of my life. It was pretty hard to overcome it. I had times that I thought I couldn’t handle it. I was hopeless and desparate but to my knowledge being hopeless is the biggest sickness of the life. But also the best medicine… There is a book that I been reading lately called ‘’The Sickness Unto Death’’ by Soren Kierkegaard. From my understanding, he claims desperation is the biggest problem of existence and the challanges that we have in our life. For Kierkegaard, hopelessness is a terminal illness. Rather than dying from this illness, the torment of this illness cannot die like a dying person who fights death before dying, it is in constant suffering. He also says everbody has this sickness in their life and this is inevitable.

I relate this argument with our daily challenges because the problems that we have to face today leads us to this sickness. If we can get over the situation we will be in a better condition. Surely it is natural to feel upset and confused about the facts and responsibilities of life. Actually difficulties makes us stronger as we experience difficulties, we become more powerful. Difficulties are an incredible open door for development. They test our purpose and obligation to our objectives. What’s more, when we conquer them, we create enthusiastic and mental strength.



So don’t flee from the issues and difficulties you are looking throughout everyday life. Try not to disregard them or attempt to stow away from them. Deal with them. Manage them. The best development throughout everyday life and the main exercises you will learn will come when you face and manage a genuine test or issue. Despite the result, esteem the experience and self improvement.

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